Introductory Lesson

Introductory Wakeboarding Lesson – £30 / £50

The introductory wakeboarding lesson covers the basics of wakeboarding on land first followed by 15 minutes water time. Lessons are based at our calm waters sports centre in St Osyth in Essex

Introduction to Wakeboarding

You will be taught by one of our qualified wakeboarding instructors, who will guide you step by step, teaching you the basics of wakeboarding, with a dry land lesson. You will then transfer the skills you have learnt from the dry land lesson into the water.

Perfect Learning Conditions

Our wakeboarding lessons are based at our watersports centre in St. Osyth Essex, which offers the perfect learning environment. The sheltered village located lake offers calm waters ideal for beginners. Our System 2.0 cable is the state of the art and great for learning as the cable pulls you out of the water, unlike other ways of learning to wakeboard, which pull you though the water.

Introductory Lesson – £30

Our introductory lesson taster sessions are the place to start. We provide you all the equipment that you will need, including wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and wakeboard. You will first get a dry land lesson from our qualified wakeboarding instructor, to teach you the basics of wakeboarding before you then take to the water for a 15 minutes water lesson with 1 to 1 coaching to put it all into practice.

Pro Lesson – £50

Our Pro lesson, is aimed to progress you slightly further, as it is the same as the intro lesson but with 2 x 15 minutes water sessions instead of 1. Again all the equipment is provided including wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid and wakeboard. You will get a dry land lesson from our qualified wakeboarding instructor, to teach you the basics to wakeboarding first then you will then get 2 x 15 minutes. We recommend you give yourself a break in-between sessions if you opt for the pro lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need?

For your introductory lesson, all the equipment is included you will just need to bring with you a towel and your swimming costume.

When do we do Lessons?

Are wakeboarding lessons take place all year, and our opening times vary though out the year. Please check out Contact Us Page

How many people per lesson?

All of our introductory wakeboarding lessons are on a 1-2-1 basis, with one our friendly fully qualified coaches.

Is there a Minimum Age?

The minimum age for any of our activities at Curve Wake Park is 8 years old. An adult must accompany any child and come to sign the waiver.

When do I need to arrive?

The time you have booked your session is when you are on the water. Please arrive 45 minutes before your water session, to give you time to get ready and have your dry land lesson.